I’ve been against neonatal circumcision for many years now, and so far I haven’t met anybody who is against people who are circumcised, only people who are against circumcision itself. I agree it’s unnecessary and bullyish to mock somebody for something they can’t control, that’s not what ‘intactivism’ is about. It’s about educating people on the real-life harms of circumcising infants, the long-term damage it can cause, up to and including death, and showing the scientific reasons behind choosing not to circumcise. I’m cut myself, and yeah I think it sucks, but it hasn’t stopped me in any way from enjoying it. I know there are some things I’m missing out on, though, and I know if I ever one day adopt, that my kid won’t be put through what I was. TL;DR most people against circumcision are against infant genital mutilation, not people who are cut themselves. Those people are just insecure and making fun of people to make themselves feel better. Stop the cycle, don’t cut your kids, ezpz