Searching for A/B/O Universe partner

  • Hello, you Can call me Honey!

    I’m looking for a long term rp partner, rightnow I am specifically into A/B/O universes revolving around original characters However I would be ok with rping characters from fandoms. Typically I like to play the omega(submissive) characters so I would be looking for someone to be the Alpha(dominate) character.
    I try to put decent detailing in all my plots so you would be at least be able to cove one paragraph replies. Grammar and spelling is not a deal breaker! However I do like to have some Idea of what you are saying.
    Here are some settings and plots I enjoy
    Animal Hybrid (master/slave, Master/maid or master/owner)
    Magical universe (modern or medieval setting)
    Sea kingdom (mer-people)
    science fiction (life in space,in the future or another planet)

    Currently I am really into BNHA and voltron rn if you message me we can totally talk about pairings.

    I use Kik and telegram to rp
    My kik is demonclint
    and My telegram is PrinceCassius

  • I would love to rp with you