Gauging interest in a Public RP

  • I’ve got an idea for a public or large group RP and wanted to see if anyone would be interested in being a part of it.

    The idea is that the group would be a ship full of pirates and the crew/prisoners on the ship itself. The pirate ship and its crew go around pillaging different ships and taking the survivors as sex slaves for the horny perverted crew. The idea is that half the players would be the doms who play the pirate crew that use and abuse their captives and the others play the subs and slaves they kidnap. The crew can spend as much time with as many of the slaves as they want in the brig or take them up on deck and use them in front of the rest of the crew. They may even stop at ports or on abandoned islands where they can take them ashore and show them off after they’ve broken them in. Perhaps they even uncover indigenous tribes on unexplored islands and let the natives use their fucktoys as a peace offering.

    It could be a fun long term group RP but obviously it’s gonna to require a good number of people to pull it off. If anyone is interested in playing let me know and we can start working something out.

  • I really like it. I would love to be one of the slaves of the crew

  • I’m interested too, as a sub

  • @viktor Glad you like it! If we get some more interest and a some people to play doms hopefully we can get something set up!

  • @devinous Great! Hopefully this will attract some doms as well and we can get something working

  • Sounds interesting I wouldn’t mind playing a pirate.

  • @maze44 Glad to hear it! I’ll keep posted on any further interest as well.

  • Update/bump: Still looking for more Pirates and Slaves to join us on Discord!