Tags Need To Be Included!!!

  • I have been a long time member and I guess my account got deleted due to inactivity. My reasoning for leaving is the same problem I’m having now, THE LACK OF TAGS. Begore I get into it, if the tags are there, I haven’t noticed so future apologies just in case. Ok so I’m pretty sure a lot of people are familiar with myreadingmanga. I’m not saying Yaoi Haven has to be just like them but I wish the tagging system was like theirs. I keep running into rape manga and its sickening. Some people like it and I will keep what I have to say about that to myself. I just want a tagging system where I can just look up the things I like and exclude the ones I don’t. I really love Yaoi Haven. Its my go-to for furry manga, but all of the rape that I come across, ESPECIALLY in the shota folder makes me sick and want to cry. I always get close to just calling you guys “rape haven” because of it… I hope this doesn’t upset anyone. I just think a better tagging and search system would be a whole lot better here. Thank you for reading this far and I hope all goes well.

  • it would be nice to have a tags system.

  • administrators

    It’s a bit difficult for us to implement a tagging system at the moment. Right now we have no universal standard and when people do tag optionally they tag ot however they want.

    We need to wait for another version of YHR or something so that @Atoro can create the desired system and standard.

  • So important, what are we savages I mean… ”WHO EVEN DOES THAT?!” (Callback, joke lol) but in sincerity I agree wholeheartedly