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  • i love cockwarming and somnophilia which are so good together because i can have both by cockwarming someone all night while i sleep

  • someone told me recently i helped them discover cockwarming was a big kink for them which makes me happy bc they probably thought of me on their cock and thats hot

  • i want a train of cocks to line up to use me one after the other and maybe some will find it in them to go more than once
    i wouldnt complain i just want to be fucked and filled with cock and cum in and out of consciousness
    used like a fucking toy over and over again, just a fucking hole to cum in and go until u need to use it again

  • @honeypot wow, you are one horny boy.
    But I love reading your perverted thoughts, keep them cumming =3.

  • Banned

    @ClockworkRabbit what have I missed

  • @clockworkrabbit hi yes i am haha
    thanks for reading !!! ♡ ♡ ♡

  • Banned

    @ClockworkRabbit i’m a horny boy too

  • sometimes i hate sexting and all the tiptoeing
    i dont have time for you to tell me that youre now taking off my shirt
    just tell me your fantasies and how you want to use me straight up

  • happy october idk abt u guys but im hoping to get bred by idk a few dozen werewolves by halloween

  • @honeypot Ever gone out (or though about doing) sexy trick or treating? I bet if you went around the closest collage dorms you’d get plenty of attention in a slutty witch costume, or if your really brave just a set of wolf paws and ears and nothing else but a pair tight black swimming trunks.

  • I would love to see Honey as a sexy wolf with nothing but tight clack swimming trunks on ^.^ ❤ take that little horny mutt to bed and pound that ass till morning

  • @clockworkrabbit thats sooo hot i want to do that
    wear a tiny little costume that lets everyone know im a slut that would open my legs for anyone
    i wanna spend halloween night receiving treats over and over again via cock and cum in my holes until the sun rises and my costume is falling apart and im covered in dozens of strangers cum

  • lately ive been thinking about a world where doms and subs are a normal part of society and its encouraged that doms are Always having their cock serviced and subs Always have their holes filled
    in restaurants doms will sit down and immediately a sub will be under their table to keep their cock warm
    buses and taxis have dildos attached to the seats, subs Must fully sit on these seats or in the lap of their dom (fun on bumpy rides!)
    its expected to sleep with your cock warm or your hole being used, hotels have special attachments to beds so subs never sleep empty
    alarm clocks dont exist, a machine or dom fucks you awake or a warm mouth on your cock does
    usually subs keep plugs in them while theyr out and about but sometimes youll see doms carrying their subs around, cock fully impaled as they get to where theyre going
    its normal for doms to cum on their subs food before they eat, or most subs meals are always accompanied by a hot load down their throat (doms must keep their subs regularly fed with cum)
    as a cockslut id love it cus i just want to constantly be filled 24/7 i need a hot thick cock in me

  • my roommate would be able to do anything to me
    id basically be a live in fucktoy for them and they dont need to ask ever
    they can come up behind me whenever they want and be balls deep in a second and id never say no bc its what i was made for
    id wear little to no clothes and cute outfits but no matter what theres always easy access to put a hard cock inside me
    my body is just a cum dump and being a human fleshlight for cock is all i need to think about

  • @honeypot I would love to have you as a roommate Honey ❤

  • @honeypot I get the feeling that this society your describing would be run by the switches and power bottoms more than actual doms. And would there be less subs leading to subs having multiple doms keeping them happy or would subs outnumber the doms so doms would have multiple subs to keep happy? Or would undomed subs just be free to play with anyone until they find their dom?
    (just random thoughts that jumped into my mind, feel free to ignore them if you want)

  • @clockworkrabbit yess switches n power bottoms rule

    population wise probably more subs than doms
    there are relationships betweens doms and subs ofc but its a general rule that doms always need their cock warmed by a sub- and if Their sub isnt there then there is always staff available for that

    while subs should always be filled, a load from their dom and/or a plug or dildo is fine 🙂

  • i rllyyyy like when ppl add onto the fantasy so feel free to think of more ideas cus i rlly like this universe hehe

  • continuing abt the worldddd
    there are stalls just for doms to use a sub in, every public place has these like they always have restrooms
    this is for single doms or doms who dont have their sub with them at the moment and need to pour a load somewhere before continuing the day
    subs are hired to stay in these and have shifts to service any doms who came along, public use subs 🙂 feel free to use any of their holes

    if i was a sub in this world ofc id have a dom whod use me every second of the day bc i want hard, dripping cock in me always but i wouldnt mind a line of doms waiting to use me like a fucktoy and then leave

  • office jobs where doms always have a sub sucking them while they work and dildos on seats for subs
    imagine talking to someone during a business meeting knowing theyre filled to the brim w a dildo
    its birthday tradition for subs to get fucked full of the number of loads theyr turning (my world is completely 18+ so the first time this happens u get 18 loads!!!) but ofc some might use u a little extra… consider this a part of ur bday present