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  • @honeypot I would love to have you as a roommate Honey ❤

  • @honeypot I get the feeling that this society your describing would be run by the switches and power bottoms more than actual doms. And would there be less subs leading to subs having multiple doms keeping them happy or would subs outnumber the doms so doms would have multiple subs to keep happy? Or would undomed subs just be free to play with anyone until they find their dom?
    (just random thoughts that jumped into my mind, feel free to ignore them if you want)

  • @clockworkrabbit yess switches n power bottoms rule

    population wise probably more subs than doms
    there are relationships betweens doms and subs ofc but its a general rule that doms always need their cock warmed by a sub- and if Their sub isnt there then there is always staff available for that

    while subs should always be filled, a load from their dom and/or a plug or dildo is fine 🙂

  • i rllyyyy like when ppl add onto the fantasy so feel free to think of more ideas cus i rlly like this universe hehe

  • continuing abt the worldddd
    there are stalls just for doms to use a sub in, every public place has these like they always have restrooms
    this is for single doms or doms who dont have their sub with them at the moment and need to pour a load somewhere before continuing the day
    subs are hired to stay in these and have shifts to service any doms who came along, public use subs 🙂 feel free to use any of their holes

    if i was a sub in this world ofc id have a dom whod use me every second of the day bc i want hard, dripping cock in me always but i wouldnt mind a line of doms waiting to use me like a fucktoy and then leave

  • office jobs where doms always have a sub sucking them while they work and dildos on seats for subs
    imagine talking to someone during a business meeting knowing theyre filled to the brim w a dildo
    its birthday tradition for subs to get fucked full of the number of loads theyr turning (my world is completely 18+ so the first time this happens u get 18 loads!!!) but ofc some might use u a little extra… consider this a part of ur bday present

  • I cant help but imagine being one of those stall subs. A small space with two short walls, open on both ends with a small padded table in the middle like a pommel horse for me to lay on my belly or back. A shelf on one wall holds lube, small vibe toys, a large plug to fill me between customers and other sundries for doms to use on me.
    The walls are low enough that I can look over and look at my fellow stall subs and chat during the quiet hours and look over in envy between customers as they get satisfied from both ends. Talk about a dream job =3

  • Hell Honey and Rabbit I wouldn’t mind having you both as my roommates and have you both work for my “love”

  • @ragingeskimo Are you really so sure you can handle two horny boys fighting over your cock at all hours of the day and night? You’ll have to have big balls cause they’d be drained daily if not hourly =3

  • @clockworkrabbit Oh Rabbit it is a dream come true having two little sluts like you two as my personal live-in subs great me when I get home after a hard day of work and all the stress they would help me release

  • alt text
    I’d be happy to share a dom like you with Honey any day, but in a world of sexual freedom like this I don’t think I’d like to be tied down to just one dom or sub. And as a switch, I’d be more than willing to give our Honey a nice spit-roasting with you =3 (of course this is all completely hypothetical)

  • @clockworkrabbit Someone got to keep Honey full while I’m away Rabbit ;3

  • @ragingeskimo me n rabbit can kiss while the tip of your cock is between our mouths
    im very greedy tho, two boys is gonna take a lot outta u
    u better be ready to give me the cum i need everyday

  • i like when u guys casually talk abt fucking me when im not directly in the convo ♡

  • i may hav convinced someone to buy me a long distance vibe that the other person can control w their phone over the internet
    maybe if i do get it ill post the info here and u guys can play w me 😋

  • @honeypot Oh I’ll always be ready you naughty little Honey ❤

  • I love reading this blog, I’ve always fantasized about living with a master who uses me whenever he wants, the thought of it gets me so excited.

  • hi long time no see, it is me ur fav ♡
    wont be posting here much at all anymore cos im too busy n i like talkn to 🕷 more 🙂

    thanks for reading honeys blog xx

  • @honeypot Well, I’ll miss you, Honey and reading about your naughty fantasies take care ❤

  • @ragingeskimo thanks for always replyin to my posts ♡