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  • @yaoiman124t yes lol

  • god its 10 in the fucking morning and all ive been doing for the past 3 hours is fucking my hands bc im a cock slut
    i wish i wasnt so fucking busy so i could find time for a fwb to pound me at every hour of the day
    i wish someone would just make me their human cock sleeve and fill me with hot cum day and night
    i wish refractory periods didnt exist i just want hard cock and endless loads inside me
    i want to sleep with his cock in me, keeping all of his cum deep inside me and wake up to him fucking me again and again ans again bc im just so warm and soft and vulnerable and so easy to fill up
    i wanna sit under his desk while he works as his human cock warmer, mouth and tongue wrapped around the head of cock licking up all of his pre cum and waiting until hes finally done so he can hold onto my head and pull mh hair and slam his cock down my throat until im allowed to swallow his load
    i want to wake up to his cock against my lips or already in my mouth as he feeds me my breakfast
    i want to check the time and feel my heart quicken bc its lunch time and i know hes going to come in any second and feed me his cock again
    i want to be his cock warmer and i want him to take advantage of knowing all my holes are available for his cock whenever he wants
    i need his cock in me as much as possible, not even fucking me i just want to be full and wet and messy all the time, sitting on his lap, cock deep as it goes while we watch a movie or while he plays video games
    i want him to take me suddenly and roughly bc he knows hes allowed to
    i wanna walk around in little to nothing so he can come up behind me and push his hard, leaking cock into me out of nowhere and when im least expecting it and moan bc i know this is what my body was made for
    i want him to bend me over and surprise fuck me and call me a his slut bc he knows that i love it most when he forces his big cock inside me
    i wanna be tied up in his bed while he uses me again and again and again like a fuck sleeve he cant get enough of

  • wow i went off lol
    god im such a fucking bitch

  • Yes, but I love that about you, Honey ;3

  • Though Honey I would love to have you as my house slut and have you in nothing but skimpy clothing ;3

  • i wanna be spoiled and taken out and fucked in public stalls and changing rooms
    his fingers shoved into my mouth, letting me suck and lick at them as he fucks me against a wall to keep me from gasping too loud
    i wanna sit next to him at restaurants and touch him until he eventually forces me under the tablecloth to finish him off
    i think spreader bars with those little cuff attachments are soo cute
    i wanna be fucked and bred in one of those, want him to use his cock to push the cum that tries to leak out back in because hes just used me so much that i cant keep it all in
    i wanna be dressed up all pretty and cute just to have it ripped off when he invites his friends over and they form a line, taking turns using me as a cum dump, breeding me, facefucking me

  • God I’d kill for a slut like you to live with me lol

  • @ragingeskimo id be a perfect live in little cum rag 🙀

  • @honeypot So hot so hard need release

  • the reason i post here is i know its super slow and not that many ppl will read it
    i kinda like knowing that some ppl come here just to read my posts though haha

  • And I love reading about your wanting cock lust and it makes me wish how bad I had you on a leash ^.^ lol

  • i wonder how many lurkers are around
    hi im honey
    sorry u have to see me so shameful im such a mess lol

  • just realized this thread has the most replies on the forums all bc of me omg
    longest thread is just one slut talking abt how much he loves cock i cant believe it

  • @honeypot I love you honey

  • Reading this blog makes me happy, knowing that I’m not the only slut who feels the same!

  • @honeypot hey do you love me too

  • @yaoiman124t idk u 😕 so no

  • @yaoi_teen aw im glad it makes u happy 😊

  • @honeypot hey do you wanna get to know me

  • these two guys ive been thinking abt are sooo hot i want to be on my knees in front of them while they take turns dipping their cocks into my open mouth and fight over who gets to tug on my hair and pour their load down my throat first
    i want them to bend me over a bed and spitroast me, so that every slam into my hole pushes my entire body forward and onto the hot cock in my mouth
    or if they could squeeze their two big cocks into my little hole and fuck me at the same time, use my body like the slut i am
    feel their cocks throb and pulse as they fill me with their hot cum at the same time
    take turns using me as their cum dump all night, one fucking me while the other rests for a little and just switching off like that over and over again so that im never not full of cock all night for more than a second