looking for long term a/b/o rp

  • Currently I am really into overwatch, Good Omens, Voltron, BNHA rn if you message me we can totally talk about pairings. I’m looking for a long term rp partner, right now I am specifically into A/B/O universes revolving around original characters However I would be ok with rping characters from fandoms. Typically I like to play the omega(submissive) characters so I would be looking for someone to be the Alpha(dominate) character. I don’t really like mxf rps, typically I do mxm however I have been experimenting with ftm/ andro characters that are omegas. I try to put decent detailing in all my plots so you would be at least be able to cove one paragraph replies. Grammar and spelling is not a deal breaker! However I do like to have some Idea of what you are saying. Here are some settings and plots I enjoy Animal Hybrid (master/slave, Master/maid or master/owner) Magical universe (modern setting) anything relating to a monster/ human relationship

    my kik is demonclint
    my discord is Red Riot#9223

  • hello, would you be adverse to having a shota or loli (ages 6-11) in this?

  • hey wanna RP