Fantasy Story RP

  • I absolutely LOVE cryptid characters, on pretty much every level of humanoid- from a perfect pass to hardly at all. I personally have some demons, vampires, and a demi-human. Fantasy is clearly my favorite genre, followed by the cuteness of Romance, Drama, Slice of Life / Fluff, Fantasy, and all that good stuff. I can work with other combinations, as long as it’s story-focused.
    Let’s brainstorm a nice plot together that we can both really enjoy! Collaboration, sharing kinks and no-gos, and a fun story, please?
    I mostly have sub characters but top and switches are options too!

    Requirement: I post in 3rd Person Novella format with fair spelling and grammar skills, I ask the same from any potential partner. Detail is a must, longer posts and passion - meet me halfway. That’s the length requirement. If you’re interested, please DM me! I would prefer Discord as the actual format but if need be, DMs are fine on here too.

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    hey can i join

  • Sure hon, if everything’s to your liking. What were you interested in doing? Any plot ideas you wanted to bring or a character you’d like to play?

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    my character is Ben

  • What’s Ben like?

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  • Still looking?