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  • Honestly not sure how many people will read this but felt like telling my honest love live situation.

    So I’m a 26 years old somewhat gender fluid guy, living in the UK and I’ve ended up with two boyfriends.

    The first is my best friend from college; a nice guy and really helped me in an incredibly dark time of my life, we have in-depth 3 hour conversations on often random subject and share loads of interests in media. That said he’s also; bad social skills, is terrible with money, has the fashion sense of a colour blind sloth, his sense of humour flips between overly childish to inappropriately sexual. And even with all his flaws I find myself loving this oaf with a bond stronger than just a best friend.
    We’ll call him Friend A.

    The second guy is a shy guy about a year younger than me and Friend A; he’s secretly a sexual deviant despite never having been with anyone before, he’s, smart, kinky, into role-play, also gender fluid and a few years back confessed that he was so desperate that he’d even fuck me if i wasn’t in a relationship with Friend A.
    We’ll Call this guy Friend B

    Now i think its important to point out that this ménage à trois is completely consensual and all parties are in no way being deceived.

    After college me and Friend A kind of fell into our relationship, you see Friend A and I have always had a strong emotional relationship but a nonexistent sexual relationship. This is because even though we love each other romantically he is a firm heterosexual when it comes to the bedroom department (to my continual frustration), don’t get me wrong we’ve tried doing stuff but he’s just not into it. As a result of this we both knew from day one that we weren’t a perfect match for each other and that if one of us should find a “better partner” then we’d be good to pursue such a relationship.

    About 2 and a bit years ago I had to move 200 miles away dew to financial troubles so all of my conversations where over skype/discord as I maintained my long distance friendships.

    Enter Friend B who had been a very close friend of both to me and Friend A for years by this point. He’s prone to fits of depression and in one such event he was going on about how nobody would ever love him, trying to convince him otherwise I told him that he’s a lovely person and that he’d make someone very happy when he finds them, but this wasn’t working so I tried to be bold and said that even I though he’d make a great boyfriend and just started listing his good qualities telling him that he’s cleverer then most the people I’ve ever met, that he’s sexy and that if was so worried about dying a virgin then I’d happily have sex with him to prove him wrong (I knew I’d gone too far with that last one but after a 4 hour argument trying to convince him that he wasn’t a piece of shit i was getting desperate for things to say).

    To my surprise Friend B was receptive to that, he asked what about my relationship with Friend A I told him that we had a sort of open relationship. The tone of our talk that night changed to one of shy compliments and mild flirting and I got to see a new side to him for the first time. I promised i’d talk to Friend A before promising anything and when i did it turned out that Friend A had been wanting to pair me and Friend B up for a while but didn’t know how.

    The next months were filled with flirty conversations and sexts between me and Friend B (while not ignoring Friend A of course), he showed me his kinkier ideas and I really think it helped his confidence although he still has dips in his mood from time to time. Friend B has made it clear that he’s not looking for a committed relationship with me which is fine to me as it means I can have a emotional relationship with Friend A and a sexual relationship with Friend B while still being a little romantic with both when the mood takes us.

    So that where I stand; with a loving companion on one side of me and a horny lover on the other, and I’m in the middle constantly worrying how this could all go wrong while still dumbfounded as to how it’s actually happened.

  • Why not just Have Friend A and Friend B hook up with you at the same time?

  • @esca-vulpe As helpful as having this become a true mutual relationship for all of us, Friend A only loves me in a purely platonic way, he isn’t interested in guys sexually and nether of them feel that way about the other. I’m just kind of the one focus of affection for them both, just one is emotional and the other is sexual.

    Even though it feels like I’m balancing atop a house made of cards things are going well for us all, it just gets a little stressful at times and I would prefer to be more public to our other friends about the nature of my relationship with Friend B but hes too shy, hence why I posted this blog as a way to vent about it.

    Also thanks for the reply, I wasn’t expecting to actually get any responses. ☺

  • Any updates? I’d like to help.

  • @teendeviant Still stuck living 200 miles away from the 2 guys I love the most, but apart from that things are still all good. Friend A and I talk over discord when ever we’re both not working and have free time and Me and Friend B are starting to do privet sexual cam shows for each other when we’re really missing each other.

    I will say though that the holidays (and the winter time in general) are kind of getting us all down but I’m looking forward to march as I can finally get some time off from my crappy nights job and visit them for a couple of weeks. 😁


    I guess if you want to contribute you can post advice for what you’d do in this situation or fantasies you’ve had about being part of a love triangle.

  • While this situations seems unorthodox, it seems that everything is going great. I wouldn’t worry about it unless it gets further complicated. This dynamic isn’t perfect but it works for everyone so that’s better than most relationships.