YHR Splatfest: Mario VS Luigi

  • Welcome to the September Splatfest for YHR, which will end on October 1st! Here are the rules; you cannot vote twice and whichever option has the most wins, is AUTOMATICALLY considered the best option, according to Splatfest rules. Now, unlike Splatoon Splatfests, we obviously cannot do Turf Wars to settle popularity votes, so here is a way to make it more interesting; your vote will not count if you cannot answer the question: Who is the creator of the crystal stars in the Paper Mario series?

    Splatfests usually have a representative for both sides, so I will represent #TeamLuigi . Whoever votes first for #TeamMario will represent the other team for this competition. Remember, this is friendly voting and now…BRING YOUR VOTING FACE!! ~♡
    EDIT: You cannot downvote other people’s votes.

  • Luigi is the more developed and diverse his lovable plus he can run faster and jump higher than mario