New and Looking to Play (Dragon Ball, maybe?)

  • Hi!

    As the title suggests, I’m new to the forums here and have been a bit… curious (in more ways than one ~LOL~). I’ve done RPs before, but never yaoi, shota, etc… but would like to give it a try. blush

    I’m open to suggestions from any willing partners, but to help get things started, I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Ball Xenoverse lately, and had an idea that some of you might find fun as well. Without getting spoilery, the Elder Kai and Supreme Kai of Time are gathering heroes from all manner of different timelines and realities. They summon my character, Pumki, expecting a tall, statuesque Saiyan woman full of confidence and power… but instead appears a significantly shorter, younger, weaker and more timid version of Pumki suffering amnesia. Oh, and for some reason she has a cock.

    There is a lore-appropriate explanation, but in the past I’ve written with people who preferred to let mysterious backstories unfold while playing, so I’ll leave it there unless my partner(s) want to know.

    So, I’m looking for someone to play maybe a trainer… or villain looking to take advantage of a naive and weakened saiyan t-girl. Someone to go on adventures with and find flimsy excuses to get naked whenever possible. ~LOL~

    I see this depowered version of Pumki being quite submissive, so a dom partner would be preferable.

    If you’re interested, drop me a note! Thanks! ^.^

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    hello how are you

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    Hey can I RP with you
    I’m in

  • Sounds fun. I’ve could play as either my Xeno 1 or Xeno 2 characters if you’re interested.

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    I’m very interested

  • I’m interested as well