Dragon Ball Xenoverse (In-Character Posts Only)

  • AGE 852 - Conton City

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    “So who have you dug up this time?” Elder Kai asked with his brow arched in curiosity. He stood hunched; deceptively frail as he spoke to the energetic and bubbly woman next to him.

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    “Ooooh, this is a rare find… could change everything!” Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time answered anxiously, her eyes never leaving the GodPad in her hands. “We’re talking Goku-class power levels here.” She tapped the pad’s surface, swiped, tapped again, then turned it to face the Elder Kai. The screen was illuminated with video of a saiyan woman, tall (6’3" according to the GodPad’s annotated sidebar), and heavily muscled with a flowing golden mane that fell to her waist in the typical Super Saiyan 3 fashion. Blue bolts of lightning danced across her broad figure as she grinned mockingly and repeatedly drove her fists against a helpless Kid Buu.

    “Goodness!” the Elder Kai exclaimed and leaned closer to the recording. “She is quite… strapping, isn’t she?”

    “She is!” Chronoa chirped in agreement. “Her name is Pumki. In her timeline she was sent to Earth instead of Goku. But pretty much followed his path.”

    “That explains the orange uniform,” Elder Kai mused, then looked from Chronoa to the circular pedestal beyond her. “Well, if that’s who you want, you better get to it.”

    Chronoa nodded and stepped up to the pedestal. Seven orbs glowed yellow around its perimeter and the Supreme Kai of Time threw her hands up in the air. “Eteral Shenron! By your name, I summon you forth!!” A blinding flash of light, the glow of the seven orbs meld into a single bolt of pure energy striking into the sky. The heavens turned dark and a crack of thunder heralded the arrival of Shenron the ever-living and granter of wishes.

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    “Why have you summoned me?” the giant, sprawling dragon asked in a voice so deep the earth quaked beneath them.

    “I ask that you bring us Pumki! Hero of Timeline 3469. So that she may help us protect time and reality!”

    “Your wish… has been granted,” the Great Shenron said in a deep, almost bored tone. An explosion of light enveloped the pedestal as the seven dragon balls rose into the darkened sky before rocketing away in random directions. In their wake, a golden glow hovered before Chronoa and the Elder Kai. The pair looked on, excitement evident in their eyes as the glow took humanoid form… but then their gazes turned to utter confusion. The person who Shenron had summoned was indeed a woman, but that appeared to be the only trait shared by her and the girl from the GodPad video. The girl before them was a foot shorter than the superheroic saiyan they expected – incredibly thin with little in the way of muscle mass. Her orange karate uniform was torn to ribbons, a black scorching hole in its back and the left breast torn away revealing her flesh underneath. Thin scrapes marred her body head-to-toe, but it was the gruesome black and purple bruise to her forehead that caused Elder Kai to recoil.

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    Once the golden glow of the dragon’s wish-granting magic ceased, the girl slumped into an unconscious heap on the ground. “This… this can’t be,” Chronoa said with evident concern – not just for this injured girl’s well being, but also for a preciously wasted wish. She rolled the girl onto her back and scooped away a sweaty mass of thick hair so orange it almost matched the tattered uniform she wore. There was no mistaking it… she certainly had the face of the Pumki they sought to summon, albeit more slender and lacking any signs of the heroic Pumki’s cocky grin.

    “Senzu bean,” Chronoa muttered and glanced across the crowd of civilians and Time Patrollers who always gathered when they noticed the dragon being called. “Someone fetch us a senzu bean!”

    “There… there aren’t any,” one of the faces in the crowd told her. “The last beans were used in Freiza’s attack on the city.”

    “That’s right…” the Supreme Kai of Time mumbled to herself in frustration. “Alright, then. We need to get her to the infirmary ASAP.”

  • Across the city, Polar was stepping off of the time-space platform. He had just returned from training in one of the many parallel time shards.

    "Aaaah… wiping that smug smile off of Vegeta’s face never gets old. " He said, rolling his neck and rubbing his right shoulder with his left hand. “Especially in the timeline where he got to be the first Super Saiyan!” he chuckles behind his fist and alters his voice to affect a mocking Vegeta-esque tone “But I’m the legendary Super Saiyan! How could I ever lose?”

    His eyes flutter upwards as the sky grows dark and the dragon appears. “What’s this? Someone is summoning Shenron?” He shook his head. “I shan’t miss this.” Igniting his aura he rocketed into the sky toward the dragon pedestal.

    He was too late to hear the wish, but surmised what it was as the battered girl materialized. “What’s all this!?” he muttered as she slumped. Finally he noticed the pair of Kai on the other side of the platform and heard the call for Senzu. He knew as well as everyone that there was none to be had.

    “Supreme Kai of Time!” he shouted and flew closer, touching down in front of the Kai.

    “Polar? What are you doing here?” Elder Kai exclaims.

    “I saw the dragon being summoned; I came to investigate.” Polar answered, putting a palm to his chest.

    “Perfect!” The Kai of Time shouted and pointed a finger at the Freiza clansman. “Get here to the infirmary! Right now!”

    “As you command.” he scooped up the girl into his arms and blasted off into the sky, rocketing toward the infirmary.

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    “What fine mess did this one get into…” the no-nonsense Doctor Curry mumbled as Lord Polar rocketed into the Conton City Infirmary. “Just put her over there,” he waved towards an examination table. Next to him a short, squat reptilian nurse from whatever alien race had spawned Guldo busied himself at a computer terminal preparing an array of futuristic medical instruments.

    Once Pumki was prone on her back atop the table, Dr. Curry began appraising her injuries. “A newbie, I see…” he mused and inspected the large bruise across her forehead. “Let me guess; first day on the job and she decided to skip Raditz and go straight to Cell.” He shook his head. “Even you had to learn to walk before you could fly,” he said to Lord Polar and thumbed a switch on the examination table. The platform hummed, blue light bathing its surface and the unconscious woman atop it.

    Dr. Curry and the nurse traded places. Nurse Luffo began cutting away what little scraps of clothing remained on their patient while the doctor eyed an array of diagnostic information that had begun scrolling across his screen. “Let’s see… no records in the database… she appears to be a sayian. Which is promising,” he glanced briefly towards Lord Polar. “Those sayians have a habit of bouncing back from severe injuries. But sayian or no, a tiny thing like that should know better than to pick a fight with… whatever did this. You Time Patrollers are your own worst enemies.”

    Behind him Nurse Luffo cut away and discarded the girl’s gi, revealing her slender, naked body and petite chest. Fortunately, only minor scrapes marred her beneath the neck, as if whatever had inflicted this upon her had focused its rage on her face.

    The doctor continued his review of the diagnostic screen. “Sayian woman… four feet ten inches… ninety~~” He paused, eying the screen curiously. “Correction… she’s half-sayian, I think. Her readout looks closer to Trunks than the purebloods I treat,” he paused to muse before continuing. “Yes, patient is a half-sayian woman, four foot–”

    “Man,” Nurse Luffo interjected in a high-pitched squeak. “He’s a man,” the fat, reptilian nurse repeated and pointed his finger at what was obviously a hairless penis and scrotum laying between the patient’s thighs.

    “Curious…” Doctor Curry repeated. The nurse finished cutting off Pumki’s clothes, tossed them in a waste receptacle, then draped a gown over her.

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  • “You’re asking me like I should know.” He laid the saiyan girl on the examination table so the doctor could work. He leaned back against the wall and listened to the doctor ramble. “I don’t know who she was fighting Doctor.” He scoffed “Of course you won’t find anything in the database; she’s not a time patroller…not yet anyway.”

    That much was true, even being summoned by the Supreme Kai of Time didn’t make this girl a patroller. She’d have to pass the tests, just like he had. It didn’t matter how powerful she was…or how cute…

    He shook his head harshly. He shouldn’t be thinking such things. He had no interest in Saiyans, much less female ones. He snapped back to reality as the doctor corrected himself. Half-Saiyan? he thought to himself. Still, that changes nothing

    At the nurse’s squeak, Polar jumped to attention. His eyes silently followed Luffo’s finger and went wide. He wasn’t an expert on Saiyan, or half-saiyan, genitals; but that certainly didn’t look like a breeding orifice.

    Bringing his fist to his mouth he chuckled. “Well…it would seem this one is full of surprises.”

  • “Yes, yes…” Doctor Curry mused in agreement; his eyes never leaving the wall-mounted monitor.

    “Is she going to be alright?” Chronoa asked as she arrived with the Elder Kai in tow.

    “It’s hard to say,” Dr. Curry answered. “Physically, I think she should–”

    “He!” Nurse Luffo squeaked once more, which was finally enough to pry the doctor’s eyes from his screen and level them threateningly on the short, rotund reptilian nurse.

    The patient,” he continued, “should make a full physical recovery. Mentally… psychologically… well, those remain to be seen. Saiyan physiology is a bit of a mixed bag.”

    “How long?” the Supreme Kai of Time asked with genuine concern.

    “Five… maybe seven days at the most in the Rejuvenation Tanks to heal her body. We’ll test her motor functions, memory, and mental acuity then.”

    “Very well,” Chronoa nodded her head. “Keep me appraised of any changes.”

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  • Freon waited in the hallway, leaning against the wall with his eyes shut. His tail thumping lightly on the ground. He struggled to calm his mind.
    His eyes snapped open as the Supreme Kai of time exited the medical room.

    “Freon!” She said and pointed at him. “I didn’t expect you to still be here.” She raised a finger "Oh! Are you worried about that Saiyan woman?’

    Freon was taken aback, he recoiled and waved his hand dismissively. “Only as much as it concerns you Supreme Kai.” He held out his hand in an open gesture toward her. “I was just waiting to see if you needed anything else. I’m always happy to help you.”

    She nodded with a soft smile "Of course. I know I can count on you. " She started to move past the Freiza Clansman; till dressed in his battle attire. “She’s going to need a few days to recover, I may need more of your help then.” She waved over her shoulder at him "Until then just keep up with your missions. "

    He nodded his head “Of course.” He cracked his neck and started to leave as well. His mind was still on the saiyan “girl”…he needed to clear his head; and maybe punch Vegeta again.

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  • A few weeks passed (not that time really matters in Conton City). Pumki, the saiyan girl, made a full recovery, physically speaking. But word had already made its way around the Time Patrol that her memory was filled with more holes than swiss cheese. Bits of knowledge, she retained… a few flashes of memory, but little else. And nothing that could shed any light on the mysteries surrounding her. Chronoa and the Elder Kai had kept it secret that the Pumki they intended to summon was a far cry from the one that had appeared, but those closest to the leaders could tell there was more going on than they let on about.

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    Since emerging from her rejuvenation tank, Pumki had been enrolled in Orange Star High School where she learned much about the history the Time Patrollers were sworn to protect. Some of it seemed… oddly familiar. After her classes ended on this particular day, Pumki received a summons to the Time Nest by Chronoa. It was time to see if she had the stuff of a Time Patroller!

    The saiyan fished a capsule from her jacket’s breast pocket and tossed it to the ground. POOF In a cloud of smoke appeared a small, single-wheel monocycle.

    alt text

    wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the electric monocycle hummed as it passed the mystical gate of the Time Nest. In the spacious courtyard beyond she found the Elder Kai and Ms. Cronoa speaking to one of the Freiza clan (Polar? Freon?). She got off her monocycle, clicked a button and POOF’ed it back into a tiny capsule.

    “Hi!” she smiled and offered the group a wave as she approached. “Time Cadet Pumki, reporting as ordered.” She tried her best to sound official, even if she still felt like a fish out of water.

    “Very good,” the Supreme Kai of Time returned her smile and gestured towards the Freisa clansman standing next to her. “Pumki, I’d like you to meet the Time Patroller who we’ve asked to see to your initial training and evaluations.”

  • Polar for his part; had spent the previous weeks in his usual fashion. Regular missions for the Supreme Kai fixing errors in time and tracking down time fugitives; training missions in the numerous time rifts; keeping his skills sharp with his trainer; and of course, he leisure time spent elsewhere.

    He’d been informed by the Supreme Kai of Time; through that insufferable failure trunks no less; of the Saiyan girl’s full recovery. He smiled to himself at the news without understanding why. But as the girl still needed time to acclimate and would be classes for a while, he let the matter drop. He had no need anymore for the High School; having aced Elder Kai’s exam some time ago. He just went quietly back to his missions, and expected to hear no more of it.

    –Deep Space Era Unknown -Time Anomaly

    Polar floated in space above Freiza’s ship before him, in all their glory, floated Meta Cooler and Golden Freiza, both winded from fighting.

    “This is impossible! The Big Gete Star’s power should have made me invincible!” Cooler fumed.

    “Oh quite your whining big brother” Freiza responded sarcastically “You can’t expect an artifical power source to keep up with natural talent.”

    “Talent!? You’re just coping the same trick I used! Just with a gaudy paintjob.” Cooler yelled, shaking his fist at his baby brother.

    Polar shook his head from his place. “Now don’t tell me you’ve given up fighting me?” he laughed at the two of them. “If you two learned to work together instead of squabbling… I might have to start trying.” He put on his best condescending voice, sure that he could provoke the rage of the two heads of his race. Well, former heads in this time line. In this fractured time rift Polar had dethroned them both with sheer power.

    “How dare you! As If I can’t defeat you on my own!” Freiza Shouted. Cooler responded with something of his own, but his words were drowned out by a voice in Polar’s earpiece.

    “Polar! Polar? Are you there…blast it, is thing on?” Said an elderly voice through his scouter.

    “Yes Elder Kai. I’m here.” He responded, putting his hand to the receiver button.

    “The Supreme Kai of Time wants you back at the time nest. Pronto!”

    “I’ll be there shortly” he cut the transmission. The two brothers were charging toward him now, apparently having agreed to fight together while he’d been occupied. they were both shouting their usual threats at him. Polar sighed, he hated to cut this short…but duty calls.
    Lifting one hand above his head he formed a massive ball of Ki energy. He couldn’t help but laugh as the power overwhelmed him. “Get out of my sight!” And the threw the supernova at the charging foes. It was too massive and too fast for them to avoid.

    Conton City

    Polar took some time to change back into his suit before heading to the time nest/ He always preferred to look dapper when dealing with the Kai. He flew through the sky at his cruising speed and landed at the time nest. He passed through the gate and spotted the two Kai’s immediately.

    “Time Patroller Polar reporting.” He gave a polite bow. “You wanted to see me Supreme Kai?”

    “Polar! Glad you’re here” She exclaimed.

    “Took your sweet time, didn’t you?” The wrinkled old purple kai beside her chastised. “Didn’t I tell you to hurry?” He stomped his feet.

    Polar waved his hands dismissively. “Pardon me. I just took a moment to change out of my training gear. One doesn’t audience with the Supreme Kai of Time without looking their best.”

    The female Kai giggled a bit and tried to fight a blush. “That awfully sweat of you. But I called you here because I want you to evaluate and help train that Saiyan Girl, Pumki. She’s due to arrive any moment.”

    “I’m always happy to help Supreme Kai, you know that.” Polar said with a flourish. “And I wouldn’t mind getting a glimpse of what she capable of myself.”

    “That girl is quite the enigma. She nothing like the one we intended to summon, and yet she is undoubtable the same person.” Elder Kai mused, talking into his fist.

    “I suspect it’s much the same as what happened last time I tried this. Shenron sent me a much younger and weaker version of Trunk’s partner as well.” She explained.

    “Speaking of…” Polar interjected. “Where is Freon? I haven’t seen him around lately”

    “Currently, he and Trunks are investigating reports of someone trying to tamper with time again. It’s been a full time job.” The Kai of time was looking like she might elaborate further when a Saiyan girl came roaring in on a capsule motorcycle.

    [“Hi!” she smiled and offered the group a wave as she approached. “Time Cadet Pumki, reporting as ordered.” She tried her best to sound official, even if she still felt like a fish out of water.

    “Very good,” the Supreme Kai of Time returned her smile and gestured towards the Freisa clansman standing next to her. “Pumki, I’d like you to meet the Time Patroller who we’ve asked to see to your initial training and evaluations.”]

    Polar eyed the girl as she approached. She certainly cleaned up well he thought to himself. The Supreme Kai of Time pointed at him and he took his cue. Bowing over one arm he did his best to cut the figure of an imposing but dashing gentleman he was. “A pleasure to properly meet your acquaintance. I am Lord Polar.” he cut his eyes up over his sleeve to watch her reaction.

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  • “A pleasure to properly meet your acquaintance. I am Lord Polar.”

    “Oh, ah, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Lord Polar,” Pumki replied; a little surprised to find a Time Patroller so well dressed and regal. Most of the patrollers she had encountered so far during her brief stay were rather brutish. In fact, she wondered if she was a little under-dressed for the occasion, but the Kais hadn’t provided her with a formal uniform or anything. Was she supposed to have bought a longer dress in town?

    Not entirely sure what the protocol is, the saiyan girl bent in an approximation of the clansman’s bow.

    Almost as if reading her thoughts, Chronoa chimed in. “There’s no time to waste, cadet. We need to see what you’ve got. You better get changed into something more appropriate.”

    “Yes, sir!” Pumki shot up to stand at attention, then drew another capsule from her jacket’s breast pocket and tossed it to the ground. ** POOF ** a small, one bedroom cottage appeared in the Time Nest’s open courtyard and Pumki hustled inside.

    “She’s nothing if not efficient,” the Elder Kai commented with a shake of his head.

    “Indeed,” Chronoa mused, then turned back to Polar. “Do you have anything suitable for a first run already on your schedule? If not, I can check the scrolls.”

    After a few minutes Pumki returned from the cottage freshly changed into some appropriate mission gear.

    alt text

    She turned and cleaned up her mess by returning the small house to its capsule.

    “Ready when you are, um, Instructor? Lord Instructor?”

  • Polar stroked his chin after the girl responded. Well, at least she’s trying to be polite he thought to himself. Still he couldn’t suppress a chuckle when the saiyan produced a capsule house right there in the time nest.

    “Efficient is one thing but this is a whole new level…” he shrugged in response to the elder Kai. He turned his head to address Chronoa’s question. “Yes Supreme Kai of Time; I have something I think will be appropriate.” He held up one finger. "But I need to use a time rift for it, my idea could have some dangerous results if we use the scroll of beginning and ending. "

    “Dangerous results?” She asked, pulling back in surprise.

    “Just what are you planning Polar?” The ancient Kai asked while stepping forward. “What sort of dangerous results could come from a simple test run?”

    “Well…as Time patrollers we need to preserve history. But the power to change it can be too great a lure for some. I want to see if she’s psychologically capable for the job, not just physically.” Polar didn’t even try to hide the smugness on his face as he relayed what he surmised a brilliant plan.

    “That’s…not a bad idea actually.” Chronoa mused, talking into her fist. “With the trouble Fuu caused, it’s even more important that time patrollers don’t abuse their position to meddle with the timeline.”

    “Well…it seems you do have a brain after all.” The purple kai laughed. “How do you plan to test her?”

    Polar was agitated by the old Kai’s tone, but he didn’t get a chance to answer as Pumki returned. He cut his eyes over her from, silently admiring the way it clung to her curves.

    “Yes. That will do nicely.” Chronoa commented on her attire. “Polar! Are you going to change as well?”

    He shook his head. “No, Suprema Kai of Time. I won’t be in any danger of getting my suit dirty.” He chuckled lightly at the girl’s continued efforts at formality. “Instructor is fine…or even Polar. I am a lord, but that title has little meaning outside of my own clan.” He produced a time shard from his pocket that he had borrowed for this occasion. “Then let’s get to it.” he held the time crystal aloft and a blinding flash covered the two of them.

    Age 761-Earth

    The pair emerge from the blinding light in a grassy plain; far from civilization.

    “All right then. Let’s see what you can do. Try and hit me.” He keeps his stance neutral, but is prepared to dodge or block as needed.

  • Pumki shielded her eyes from the unexpected flash of light, and when her vision cleared she found herself and Polar standing in a grassy field… it almost felt as if they hadn’t moved at all and instead the Time Nest had simply faded to nothingness.

    “All right then. Let’s see what you can do. Try and hit me.”

    “Oh, now I see…,” Pumki chuckled with her lips tightly pressed in a grin. “Don’t need to worry about getting your fancy suit dirty, do you? We’ll see about that…”

    Yeah, you won’t be so smug when I rip those clothes off you… she thought, then felt her cheeks flush for a beat. She hadn’t been with anyone naked since… who knows when. The last time must’ve been before she lost her memory. Then again, these alien Freiza-people were… well, alien. They may not even have anything to get all blushy over.

    The young saiyan girl pushed those stray thoughts from her mind and focused on the task at hand. She raised her fists defensively before her in a kame-style stance. She had no memory of ever fighting, or even training, but her form was perfect. Feet the perfect width with just enough bend to the knees and weight balanced to the balls of her feet ready to spring at her opponent.

    alt text

    Without conscious command, Pumki reached out with her ki, subtly sensing her opponent’s power level before launching herself into the air. Her body left an orange blur in its wake as she closed to Polar in less than the blink of an eye and unloaded a series of perfectly executed combos – punch, kick, flash-warp into his flank, a flurry of punches that defied physics. She had the technique of a grand master. Every movement flawlessly timed, every strike accurate to less than the head of a needle!

    And yet, all she caught was air (ooc: I assume). For all her skill and precision, she simply had nowhere near the speed or power of Lord Polar. It was like sparring with SSGSS Goku… if Goku had all of that skill, but only Namek-saga power.

  • (OOC: Yeah, focused on dodging right now. I’m not going to Mary Sue Godmode my character but I’m established as being around SS2 levels of power)

    Polar kept his neutral pose as the Saiyan girl readied herself. One of his eyeridgeds raised in curiosity when she took her fighting stance. He recognized it immediately as the basic Kame style. How fitting. He thought to himself. Her stance is the same as Goku’s, before he modified it with other styles.

    His eyes snapped open suddenly at her burst of speed. The orange blur rushing towards him faster then he expected. His body tensed on instinct and he kicked off of the ground, pulling back just enough to avoid contact with the first punch. Darting back and forth, ducking and weaving he managed to avoid all of the girl’s strikes. At one point even dropping prone and supporting his weight on his tail to duck under a flash-warp attack. This was not what he’d expected.

    He breathing was getting shallower and he could feel his heart racing as he pushed himself to keep avoiding the attacks. “Perhaps I’ve underestimated you.” He could get a descent read on her power; and he didn’t doubt he would win a straight fight, but not without getting hit himself.

    Still, he felt a smile creep across his face. Her strength was a welcome surprise, far from the dull training he’d expected. He shifted his stance before he next blow and prepared to catch her fist.

  • The saiyan clenched her teeth in frustration. This was getting her nowhere fast; just a lot of effort and wasted energy with nothing to show for it. She expected Polar to be a challenge… he was, after-all, a full-fledged Time Patroller, and one of the kais’ best from what she’d heard! But this was downright humiliating. Although she had no memory of ever being in a fight, she somehow knew on an instinctual level that she had been. In many. And was accustomed to walking away the victor. Certainly not the experience she was currently having.

    It was after Polar evaded an entire Meteor Rush without her landing a single blow that Pumki knew she needed to change tactics. She wasn’t going to win this match outright, so the best she could hope for would be a moral victory. Namely, messing that fancy suit of his a little.

    She wheeled back, right heel arcing an inch from Polar’s face then followed up with a left jab straight between his eyes that finally connected!! With his open palm. She felt his fingers close around her small fist holding her captive in place. Fuck it, she decided. This was going to hurt like all hell, but it’d be worth it to put just one tiny wrinkle in Mr. Fancy Pants’… ummm… well, his literal fancy pants.

    Locking eyes with Polar and her left fist held firm Pumki stabs the index and forefingers of her right hand before her emerald eyes. “Giant Storm!!”


  • Polar kept his lips pursed tightly as he focused on evading the strikes. He could feel the Saiyan’s frustration rising with each blow. He was dedicated to his training, but such an aggressive fighting style was starting to tire him out. Usually by now, his opponent would have pulled back to try something flashier, more dramatic, which is when he punished them.

    The clansman couldn’t suppress a small smile at that thought. Still, he dared not strike back right now; the saiyan was unleashing a flurry of blows at rapid pace. He leaned back, twisting his body to and froe to avoid the machine gun like punches. Meteor crash, he believed the technique was called, an very elementary technique. One of the first he’d learned at the school, and all too swiftly discarded. It was too energy inefficient for his tastes.

    He leaned back, narrowly avoiding her heel before he saw her fist flying toward his face. Time to end this he thought. He was, after all, satisfied she could handle herself for the actual test he had in mind. He brought up his nd he caught her fist, closing this fingers tightly around it. For an instant, the alien could feel a tingle run up his arm. Her skin is so warm and soft… He started to open his mouth, to tell her that it was time to move on, when he was her thrusting her fingers up. He could feel the rush of power as her Ki surged. His mouth tightened into a grimace as they locked eyes.

    “Giant Strom!!” The Saiyan girl shouted and the world was engulfed in an explosion of KI.

    Were he and armature, this might have killed him. But one of the first lessons any one at the academy learns is how to use their Ki to protect themselves. Using the energy of their bodies like a shield to prevent mortal injury. Polar knew this all to well, still, a blast this strong and this close hurt…it hurt!

    His teeth were bared in rage as the glow faded. His shirt and pants had small tears in them all over; and his jacket hadn’t survived at all. Through the tears, is duller blue shin and white chitin were peaking through. He raised one of his hands and jabbed a single extended finger into the Saiyan’s face. A pink glow formed at the tip as he readied a Death Beam.

  • The blast was as ferocious as expected, sending Pumki’s small frame corkscrewing through the air until it crashed against the earth. It took a moment for the ringing to clear from her ears and more felt than saw the array of scrapes that pot-marked her exposed skin. She didn’t bother worrying about the condition of her uniform… unlike her sparring partner’s, hers was designed to withstand the rigors of powered-up combat.

    A slight, quiet and hoarse chuckle escaped her lips. It hurt to make even the tiniest of celebration as her lungs were still part filled with smoke. But she couldn’t help but cough out the tiniest of laughs.

    The saiyan girl slowly rose her head to find Lord Polar towering a few feet away, clothes tattered beyond repair and stabbing a glowing finger straight between her eyes. Pumki slowly patted the dirt next to her and coughed out a painful chuckle. “Matté,” she smiled while ‘tapping out’. “Uncle. You win.”

    Exhausted, she slumped back against the dirt, still smiling through the pain. “Sorry about the suit. Seriously… it was quite dapper.”

  • Polar didn’t even remember moving closer ; he was acting on instinct and rage. As far as he knew, they were standing right where they had been.
    Seeing the saiyan girl before him, clothing tattered and her skin dark with blast smoke felt strangely good. He finger was leveled between her eyes, the pink glow at his finger tip could be her end if hew wished it…

    Pumki slowly patted the dirt next to her and coughed out a painful chuckle.“Matté,” she smiled while ‘tapping out’. “Uncle. You win.”

    His eyes narrowed slowly, and he lowered his arm, letting the glow fade. In the old days, he wouldn’t have hesitated. A part of him still wanted to end her life, but he wrestled his emotions under control, his muscles visibly twitching all over. He exhaled slowly, and returned to his more dignified tone.

    “Very well…you have an abundance of natural talent.” He nodded “And thank you for he complement; but never mind the apologies, I have spares for a reason.” He dusted off his hands before offering one to help her up. “Now then…while that went a bit further than I’d intended… that was just he warmup.” I point over a rise in the landscape. “Over there…is where our actual mission is. You do know what a time patroller’s job is, right?” he has a soft smile on his painted lips; but wit ha hint of subterfuge.

  • Pumki accepted his hand and was pulled to her feet.

    “Over there…is where our actual mission is. You do know what a time patroller’s job is, right?”

    The saiyan girl nodded her head and drew a small capsule from her uniform’s breast pocket. “Find threats to the timeline and prevent them from doing any harm.” She popped the pill in her mouth and grinned as healing energies washed over her body. Nowhere near as potent as a senzu bean, but it was enough to help her catch a second wind before the trial to come.

    She glanced around, trying to place where and when they were. “Why? What’s happening over there?”

  • Despite his ruined outfit and a few scuffs, Polar wasn’t all that bad off. Certainly not enough to use one of his own healing capsules. He nodded his head when the girl answered.

    “That’s correct. However.” He held up a finger. “Sometimes the damage to the timeline has been done. Then, out job becomes to set history back on the right course.” He clenched his fist tightly in front of her. “By whatever means are necessary.” He gestured over to the ridge. “You’ll see soon enough, follow me. And keep your energy down.” He dashed quickly over to the rise, not flying our using his KI.

    When they got to the rise, he pointed over into a valley on the other side. “Down there.”

    Below, three figures stood. A namekian, a male in and orange Gi, and an armored figure with a lot of hair.


    “Kakkarot! You were a fool to come here!” The big haired man mocked. “You know you can’t defeat me, even with the help of that little green man.”


    “I’m here for my son!” The one in the orange Gi responded.

    As the three began fighting, Polar turned his attention back to Pumki. Gesturing with his hands he explained. “According to history, both the man in orange, Goku; and the Saiyan Raditz die here today.” He crossed his arms and held up a finger. “The trouble is, in this timeline Goku’s son, Gohan, is far stronger and will save his father’s life.” He points to the Saiyan pod lying in a nearby crater. “Gohan is in there right now, but when he sees his dad getting beaten…he’ll explode in a rush of power.” The clansman closes his eyes and spreads his arms in a weighing gesture. “Now then, Time patroller Pumki. How do you set history right? Whatever your plan is, get to it!”

  • Pumki glanced back and forth from Polar and the trio fighting below them. “My plan?!” she blurted out in mild panic. Her mind raced. There was no clear answer she could divine and knew there wasn’t enough time for her to spend planning. “Alright… uh… I’m going to sneak down into the crater while they’re busy fighting and try to knock the kid out before he can make a mess of things. You keep and eye out and make a distraction if we need to pull them away from the crater.”

    With that, Pumki takes off running the length of the rise they perched upon, sliding down out of sight of the three fighters and looping around towards the deep crater.

  • Polar kept a neutral face as the Saiyan speedily blurted out her on-the-spot plan. Only nodding his head when she gave him the instruction to provide a distraction. After she ran off though, he cracked a smile. “Not bad for quick thinking…but she’ll have her hands full once she realizes that Raditz wins if Gohan doesn’t intervene at all.”

    Down in the Valley; the fight was heating up. The namekian getting his arm blown off by Raditz’ attack. As they were forming a plan to stop the gloating Saiyan, Pumki slid behand unnoticed into the crater.


    At the bottom, a small child was beating his fists on the glass of the Pod. “Daddy! Daddy help!”

    Polar watched from the ridge "Let’s see how this unfolds… "