Private Rp between chriss888 and Me

  • (make it up)

    “You know, I know this must be weird for you. I mean, probably… I don’t know- your folks were pretty wild. But here just - I want you to feel like it’s your house too, you know?” I sound like a dork. “Hey, no point having a rich uncle if you can’t play golf off the roof, right?” Now I’m super-dork. “I’m not your mom or dad, but while you’re here I’ll take care of you, you know?”

  • I smile a little. “Sure thanks. Can I ask a question? What’s with that room down the hall, with all the camera’s and the table and dog cage?”

  • I breathe in deeply “you really want to know? Maybe next time I’ll show you”

  • I giggle around a mouthful of chicken. “That’s a weird answer” I mumble, still chewing.

  • I think to myself that you are family, but somehow I like it…“What’s so weird?” I giggle back, finishing my wine

  • I shrug. “I asked what it is and you say maybe you’ll show me, but show me what!” i insisted

  • “OK, curious boy! come with me” I stand up and lead you away by your hand

  • “Hey!” I complain, laughing as you pull me away from my half eaten plate.

  • “oh you can bring some food… you might need it” I say, pulling you, firmly, but not hard, out of the kitchen and down the stairs “Was it this room?” I ask, opening the utility duct…“or maybe… this room?”

  • I grab my plate with one hand and let you drag me. “This one” i said when you opened the correct door, revealing a room with a bondage table in one corner, a large cage in the other and a couple cameras on tripods. There was also plenty of shelves along the wall to store things olin.