Show your fantasy

  • I like the idea of a more feminized bottom not MPREG or anything but if a gay relationship was more similar to a straight one?

  • I have an attraction for threesom . Of couse I like the middle😜 , I like if the two other are best friend or brother. That because what turn me is how they brag with eache other. It’s strange to describe , for make and exaple , perfect will be in a sandwich with two twins , who give eachother a five while take me. What turn me it’s the brag beateew the two semes

  • Recently have been thinking about being the resident boy toy of my college dorms. I’m a college student irl but I commute so this is just a fantasy T^T
    I imagine being well known around my building and as a result, being used reguarly by all the boys who want to visit. My roommates in particular would be extra lucky, getting to fuck me at any hour of the day- whether it’d be pulling my underwear aside and fucking me awake when I’m sleeping or suddenly bending me over my desk when I’m trying to study. I’d be at the mercy of anyone and most likely, multiple people at once daily.
    After midterms and finals, they’d come to me (and in me haha) to celebrate. I think it’d be nice maybe putting me on rotation too so I’d have to stay in a different room each day so everyone can have a turn to do whatever they want. I’d be used so regularly that I wouldn’t need preparation anymore, you could slam me against the wall and be pounding into me within seconds of opening my door.
    Pm me if you’re interested in talking to me like I’m a toy ♡ -Ty

  • @ty I love your fantasy 😍! We are on the same wave 😋

  • hi back again bc i am n always will be yucky
    I was reading a tumblr post about someone’s dream room for their partner. They described a room filled with any tool n toy you can imagine, made for training a willing bottom into submission. Survelliance camera for him to watch and a screen to provide instructions if needed. My favorite part though was when he talked about installing a dildo affixed to the wall and the only way for the boy to get drinking water was to suck it manually from the dildo’s tip.
    Ofc I imagine being the sub in this situation haha. The water thing is sooo nice bc you’re literally forced to suck and nurse a pretty cock to do something as necessary as staying hydrated. I’d probably end up conditioned to get hard just from the act of drinking water normally.

  • @honeypot Now I want to drink from a dildo too 😍

  • @viktor We’re on the same wave, though I prefer things to be monogamous.

    When I fantasize a handsome hunk, I am fantasizing my partner to be six feet three inches (one point nine meters) tall, with a bearmode build, and vigorously masculine with levels of testosterone and other androgens.

    Where his chest, abdomen, and pubic area are hirsute with body hair that captures the pheromones of his body, so he would be naturally musky, especially around his crotch, and he would have large genitals that strike fear and joy to the heart’s every uke. Where his testicles are voluptuous and vigorous with semen, and his penis erects to twelve inches in length with a three inches girth. And my partner would use his genitals to reinforce his dominance over me, either as a reward or punishment.

    When I am obedient, he would prepare and acclimate my anus for the bareback insertion of his penis and gently thrusting it to massage my prostate until I have an Ahegao face.

    When I am disobedient, he would skip preparation and acclimation to penetrate my anus with a very painful bareback phallic insertion and callously humping me while he slaps my butt.

    Either way, by the end, I would receive cum enemas from my partner, Then I would give him fellatio and worship his genitals, by kissing, licking, sucking on his penis and scrotum. As I adore his genitals, he would rub his genitals against my face, and I would sniff his crotch as I smother my face against his genitals.

  • @kenneth wooo that’s hot! I had a similar fantasy but I tuoght my seme as normal and me small. I fancied to sleep over at my friend’s house (I’m 18 , but tought it at 16-17) and wake me up small 4 inches (10-11 cm). My friend will sure take advantage of it , he still my friend , we continue to do things like watch films , chat , have fun… but we would take me as a little 4 hinc pet , using me for have fun with (he would be a bit sadistic) and he would make me do humbly things and put me where he wont. He could put me in one of his used socks or underwear , make me dress little clothes of dolls or toys , put me in his shoes or in his underwear , beatween his genitals; he would make me eat and drink from his hand or form a cup ;I would live in a dolls house; he would make me lick his feet or, of course , his cock !(I think it will be one or two inch taller , so it would be as like a giant pillar ) When I lick his cock he would shot all his cum on me , and it would cover me. He would also play with my butt , not with his dick , but he could put inside me some things like pencil or pen…

  • Hey guys! This topic has slept for a bit , lets bring it to life 😋! In this period I’m having really kinky fantasies ☺️, I don’t know why , but I’m feeling really horney with the animal and owner relationship , being like a pet serve in need to be tamed and owned 😋. I had a fantasy on cowboys , setted in a village of the “Old Wilde West” 🤠. I immagined this western village , where gang of young gay cowboys (18-20yo) has the controll on the other guys of the village and the other villages near. They are the common bad boys gang , they stay in the saloon , gets drunk , annoy the weaker guys , wring money to the framer… but what they are more feared for is for their caw’s stable ! When some guy annoy them , or doesn’t pay , or just is a cute boy they would like to own , they rape him and bring him to their stable. A boy taken by the gang becomes their cow , he’s propriery of the gang , like the other livestock. The caw must be naked , every time on their four and have to live in the stable , eat from a bucket , and sleep in the straw. Cow are washed every day with a water pipe , on the body and inside the rectum ( their butt have to be allways ready ), then like every cow , they must to be milked ! Two times for day , a cowboy comes and squeezes all their cum with a machine (some days also an extra time with his hands) , then vollect the cum in milk bottle and use it for have fun with the cows , making them drink it or other humiliating things . The Cowboys love to show thier propiety on the cows , so they mark their butt with the gang logo ( just wrote , the real marking is too painfull) , they ride them like horse , and of course they use them freely for sex and for have fun ! I know it’s weird , but it turn me thinking a goup of young men , take me and strip me , using a lasso for tie me , like in a rodeo 😋!

  • @viktor Holy cow that’s hot!

  • @moniker I love your fantasy. I’ve always fantasized gender switching where a girl can change into a guy and dick her straight boyfriend.