Looking for writing partner for YHR text-based gayme.

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    A bit of a backstory here:

    As veterans and/or eagle eyed members of YHR may have heard in the past. We have aspirations to make a game. These ambitions have devolved going from grand ideas such as a 3d open world RPG all the way down to a simple text-based system. We have the programmers, but no artists for even the simpliest Visual Novel, so…We will take the idea and evolve it if it gains any sort of success in the YHR community.

    I am looking for a writing partner to collaberate and help me build a relatively fleshed out world for this gayme to take place in. This is not a request for an RP nor should it really be treated as such. I am looking for a serious co-writer to share and collaberate with. This could be on discord where a lot of my echo chamber gayme dev talk takes place.

    Contact me here or anywhere on YHR if you are interested in writing with me. I may be looking for a serious writing partner, but this will be somewhat casual and easy going so there should be no stress as it happens to be. Thank you for your time and please keep fapping!

  • Cookie; I’ve expressed to you before that I have some writing experience, as well as some experience with amateur game design. My DM’s are open for whatever help I can provide.

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    Thanks for the offer. Although we have our slots filled right now, I will keep you in mind.

  • to bad its full i am not the best writer but i could have added some niche ideas maybe

  • Also willing to help if you need it.