Avatar: The Invasion of Spirits (BESM)

  • You are a member of the United Republic Defense Force, an organization of benders set to protect the final bastion of humanity from their biggest threat yet. The Avatar hasn’t been seen in years and the spirits were quick to reclaim the world and shape it in their own image. Despite this humanity isn’t ready to give up. Using Republic City as a headquarters, Benders from all over the world have come to take the fight to the spirits and reclaim the world on their own. Who needs the Avatar?

    There are 4 Bending Arts that are used by members of the Republic City Defense Force. Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. For you guys, the players, we’ve created templates for each art with the ‘minimum’ level of skill. Creativity is key, but being a Bender is required. Can’t chi block spirits! Finally, all characters get a 300 CP to work with. Don’t be shy about asking for help in character creation!

    Water Bender Template
    CP Cost: 32 Points.
    Attributes - 32
    Healing Lv. 1(4) [+10 Restored HP]
    Power Flux - Minor Lv. 5 (20 Flux Points) -1 Equipment Restriction (24) "Waterbending"
    Flux - 4 Telekinesis: Water (16) [1k kg of water]
    Flux- 2 Force Field Regeneration, Both Directions (6) [Ice Shield]
    Flux -2 Weapon Flexible, (5) [Water Whip]
    Flux -1 Weapon Tangle x2 (Tangle HP, 10) (5) [Ice Hold]
    Flux -1 Weapon Range x1 (2) [Water Bullet]
    2 Special Movement: Water Walking (4)

    Earthbender Template.
    CP Cost: 33
    Attributes - 33
    2 Combat Technique - Blind Fighting [Seismic sense], Hardboiled [+10 Shock Value] (4)
    5 Power Flux - Minor (20 Flux Points) (25) "Earthbending"
    Flux - 4 Telekinesis: Earth (16) [1k kg of Rock]
    Flux - 1 Special Movement - Swinging/Brachiating [-1 Equipment, -2 Environment: City] (1)
    Flux - 2 Jumping (2) [Earth Launch]
    Flux - 0 Weapon, Stun, Incapacitate, Area (3) [Earth shaking]
    1 Supersense (2) [Seismic Sense]
    1 Tough (2) [+5 HP]

    Firebender Template!
    Cost: 32 CP
    Attributes - 35
    1 Attack Combat Mastery (10)
    5 Power Flux - Minor (20 Flux Points) (25) "Firebending"
    Flux - 4 Telekinesis: Fire
    Flux - 4 Weapon, Blight 1, Concentration -4 [Lightning Strike] (5)
    Flux - 2 Weapon, Range 2, Continuing 1 (7) [Fire Streams]
    Flux - 1 Weapon, Autofire (5) [Fire Jabs]
    Defects -3
    Vulnerability -3 [Extreme Cold]

    Airbender Template!
    Cost: 35 CP
    Attributes 35
    1 Defense Combat Mastery (10)
    5 Power Flux - Minor (20 Flux Points) (25) "Airbending”
    Flux - 4 Telekinesis: Air (16)
    Flux - 1 Weapon, Spreading 2, (3) [Air Blast]
    Flux - 1 Weapon Autofire (5) [Air Punch/Kick]
    Flux - 2 Weapon (4) [Air Scythe]
    Flux - 3 Force Field (6) [Air shield]

    That should be the important stuff! Let me or @Cookiekittyuke know if there are any questions. Or if I forgot anything for this opening post!

  • Ah! Here’s Big Eyes Small Mouth 3rd Edition! In pdf: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-Jh-640tdURYVVKZFVSTzlVcU0/view

  • Shame; Cookie didn’t tell me the template were done. I’ll get started on my firebender tomorrow.

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  • @Cookiekittyuke The book has a section on changing skill costs (or outright eliminating certain skills) based on genre and setting. Does any of that apply here?

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  • My character is done and ready whenever you start accepting character sheets.

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  • @CDGaymer I’d say that a bio would be preferred, but there’s no need for it to be very detailed! Just something to help put some personality to your character would be great!

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  • Aiden is pretty solid. The clothing thing might be a bit weird since there’s the matter of uniforms with the Defense force, but I’m sure there’s a way to make him a custom uniform as well!

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