The Babysitter

  • A Private Rp between myself and DelST. Could get pretty dark

  • The teenager, 16 years old to be exact stares up at the big, clean door of the house he’s supposed to babysit in. It wasn’t his first time babysitting, but let’s say it like this… Even when he kinda was into babysitting, the youngster didn’t take it all that serious. A bit impatient Connor grumbled and glared down at the white door before it opened and a tall woman greeted him. Instantly the teens nonchalant demina changed into a bright smile and he shook the womans hand. He felt her eyes mustering him, but the smile of her didn’t fade. They walked into the living room which was well furnished and warm, Connor instantly creating a little bond with the comfortable, nice place. “I’ll take care of Jack…” the boy said, imposing on the boys mother with a confident expression. The mother told him that she really didn’t want her son to be alone all day and that he needed to be watched over. After she left Connor hung his backpack onto a drawer and grabbed the TV remote. No… he thought. Where is this boy actually. His room is upstairs… The young man thought and quickly heaeded upstairs, the sound of his feett dull and gentle as the stairs were carpeted nicely. Connor opened the door to the boys room, an instant heartbeat filling his chest. “Jack…” he said and opened the door fully. “I’m your new babysitter. I’m Connor.”

  • Jack scowled as he listened to his mom get ready for the day. He was 12 years old! He didn’t need a babysitter. So what if he was on the small and scrawny side. He heard something going on downstairs as he rolled onto his back, topless and wearing just some light sweats.

    There was someone on the stairs now and he sat up to tell his Mom goodbye when the door opened to reveal a guy.

    “Ah!” He he said, startled as he heard his mom’s car. “Didn’t anyone tell you to knock!” He demanded rudely.

  • Heard the door creak, holding it open with his hand flat against the wood. He groaned softly and stepped right into Jacks room, eyeing tho boy from head to toe. “Yeah… yeah… Stop being so bratty, you better do what I say now… I have the allowance of your mom.” he declared and shut the door behind them, walking over to Jacks bed, looking around in the boys room, staring at all that boyish stuff that these kids collected. Connor found a little stool and sat down on it, kicking his legs out. “Do you play video games a lot…” he laughed and glared to Jack with a kind of bossy expression.

  • He felt for the shirt by the bed and pulled it on. “Of course i do!” He retorted. “What kid my age doesn’t these days!” He added on, feeling frustrated at the attitude of his new sitter. “And I don’t need a sitter. I can take care of myself. Mom just needs you to.gaurd me against break ins or something. Kinda like a dog” He smirked at the comparison.

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